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Who could be liable in a truck-induced multi-car accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2024 | Car accidents, Truck accidents

Accidents could happen out of nowhere. You could be involved in a multiple-car crash even if you drive your car safely. Multi-car accidents cause severe injuries, extensive property damage and, sometimes, fatality. The accident becomes even more extreme when it involves large trucks, which often carry heavy loads.

According to recent data, more than 168,000 truck accidents are happening yearly, with 3% resulting in fatalities. In 2022, Texas had the most truck accidents in America.

It could be traumatizing to be involved in a truck-induced multi-car accident. Aside from the physical injuries you sustained, you could experience additional stress from the piling of medical bills and complex accident investigations. During this challenging time, it would be beneficial to seek assistance from an experienced lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

It is challenging to determine liability in a multi-car accident

Determining liability in a multi-car accident could be challenging. However, once authorities determined that the truck caused the crash, different parties could still be involved and liable for the accident.

  • Truck driver: The driver could be at fault when they made a mistake in steering the truck, was overspeeding, was too tired or was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Hiring company: The company could be responsible for failing to maintain their trucks, overloading or overworking their drivers.
  • Truck manufacturer: The truck manufacturer could be liable when faulty brakes or defective equipment caused the accident.

Determining who is liable for the accident requires a thorough investigation. It is best to coordinate with legal authorities during this period.

It is essential to find the proper support

If you were a victim of a truck-induced multi-car crash, you have the right to pursue legal action. You can seek compensation for your injuries, financial losses or emotional distress. Having a legal representative who thoroughly understands your case would be beneficial in this complex and overwhelming situation.