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If You Lost A Loved One To An Accident, We Stand With You

If you lose a loved one to an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Suddenly, you have unexpected expenses and a heavy emotional burden. In Texas, the spouse, children or parents of the decedent can file a wrongful death claim either individually or as a group. This can mean financial support as you grieve.

If you’ve lost a family member in an accident or incident caused by the carelessness or negligence of someone else, Vice Henley and Dilbeck, PLLC, can help ease your burden during a difficult time. Our firm has represented surviving family members in wrongful death claims since 2006. While nothing can make up for the loss of a husband, wife, son or daughter, our seasoned litigators will work hard to seek justice for your loved one through a favorable settlement or court award.

Fighting For Justice On Behalf Of Those Left Behind

With wrongful death claims in the state of Texas, the negligent party pays monetary damages to compensate the estate and surviving family members of the decedent. Some of the damages family members might recover in a Texas wrongful death lawsuit include:

  • Lost earning potential
  • Lost support, services, maintenance, care and guidance the decedent would otherwise have offered
  • Lost companionship, love and comfort
  • Lost inheritance, such as what the decedent would have been likely to save and bequeath to surviving beneficiaries had they lived for a normal duration

Certain wrongful death claims in Texas qualify for exemplary damages or punitive damages if the wrongful death was caused by gross or willful action or negligence. If the spouse, children or parents of the deceased individual do not choose to assert a wrongful death claim within three months of the decedent’s passing, the personal representative or executor of the deceased’s estate may file a claim.

We Are Honored To Support Your Wrongful Death Claim

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