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Our experienced Rockwall County lawyers address construction defects, liens and related questions.

The construction industry plays an essential role in the expansion of home ownership and commercial and industrial real estate, but the construction process raises a bevy of legal issues. Whether you are a contractor or property owner, Vice Henley and Dilbeck, PLLC, in Royse City, Texas, in business since 2006, has the experience and knowledge of construction law to provide advice and services you need regarding any issue that arises, including construction contracts, liens and defects.

Creating Strong Strategies For Construction Litigation

One of the most frustrating events in construction is when a conflict puts a project on indefinite hold or puts your profitability at risk. In many cases, our attorneys can cut through the noise to get directly to the problem. Our industry colleagues and our clients know us for our vigorous trial presence and our extensive litigation work.

Dedicated Counsel Working To Help Homeowners Get Construction Defects Repaired Quickly

Homeowners have a right to expect their homes to be constructed free of any material defects, but sometimes they are disappointed. If you find your new home is defective, your first step to getting the problem corrected is to give the builder notice of the defect and the nature and extent of repairs needed. The notice should be sent by certified mail to the builder’s last known address. The builder has 35 days thereafter to inspect the property and may make a reasonable offer of settlement within 45 days after the notice. You then have 25 days to accept or reject the offer. The builder has an incentive to make such an offer because doing so can reduce the chances of the builder paying a large jury award to you.

As your attorneys, we can increase your chances of getting a reasonable offer of settlement that can result in the correction of the defect without expensive litigation. We hire the right experts to confirm the existence of the defect and to determine what repairs are needed to fix it. We also deal with the builder and its attorneys on your behalf. Furthermore, if the builder fails to make a reasonable offer of settlement, we aren’t afraid to bring a lawsuit. In the meantime, we will also seek payment for the necessary improvements from your homeowners’ insurer.

Astute Lawyers Helping Contractors Protect Their Rights Through Contracts And Mechanics’ Liens

We also represent contractors and subcontractors in a number of ways. We assist them in contract negotiations to make sure that the reciprocal duties between them and the parties they deal with are spelled out, including their rights to payment. An important method of protecting their right to payment after work is completed is the construction lien, but Texas’ process for creating a lien is very complicated. If you are a builder, we can make sure you don’t unintentionally lose your rights, carefully taking all of the necessary steps to make your lien enforceable.

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