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Hair salon chemical burns can lead to serious injury

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Personal Injury, Premises liability

Hair salons are the go-to place when a person needs a pick-me-up, wants to maintain their hairstyle or is itching to try a new look. When a boutique has a steady flow of clients and a solid reputation, a customer may not think twice about getting a hair treatment from one of its specialists. However, apart from the occasional bad haircut, tragic accidents may and do occur at hair salons.

Hair salon treatments put customers at risk of chemical burns

Stylists use a wide range of treatments, many of which contain extremely harsh chemicals, to achieve dramatic hair transformations, including straightening and color changes. Ingredients used to dye hair, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and lye, are known to produce irritations or burns.

Customers will often put up with mild discomfort after receiving assurance from their hairdresser that it is normal. Many times, any irritation goes away after a few hours or days.

Unfortunately, if hairdressers use the wrong mix of treatments or leave treatments on the hair and scalp for too long, it could lead to chemical burns and permanent damage.

The suffering that comes with hair salon chemical burns

Chemical burns can be first- or second-degree injuries, depending on how deep the chemicals damage the skin. Individuals who suffer from hair salon chemical burns may endure severe blistering, lesions, damage to the hair follicles and persistent migraines. In severe cases, chemical burns can potentially result in irreversible damage, such as disfigurement, vision loss, lasting baldness or alopecia.

Beyond the physical injuries, chemical burns on the scalp can also inflict emotional and psychological distress. Victims may have to endure pain and suffering accompanied by feelings of humiliation, depression and overwhelming self-esteem injuries.

Seeking compensation for chemical burn injuries

Businesses like hair salons have an obligation to keep their customers safe from harm. Anybody injured at a hair salon may sue the owner for damages and seek reimbursement for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Before filing a lawsuit, speaking with a premises liability attorney is a good first step.