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How can damaged tires cause fatal road accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | Car accidents, Personal Injury, Truck accidents

Each vehicle component plays a significant role in ensuring safe operations. But only one thing stands between drivers and the ground – their tires. However, drivers often overlook their importance and fail to check their quality.

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 622 tire-related crashes nationwide in 2021. Knowing how damaged tires result in deadly crashes can guide Texas drivers on how to take care of their tires more effectively. 

Taking tires for granted can be deadly

Tires fulfill multiple functions – weight support, shock absorption, traction transmittal and direction maintenance. They also bear the brunt of environmental elements, poor storage and other adverse conditions, such as cuts, cracks or bulges caused by sharp materials.

So, if they reach a breaking point, they can result in tragic road accidents by:

  • Lacking sufficient grip to control the vehicle
  • Lacking braking force to stop the vehicle in time
  • Increasing blowout risk or an explosion often followed by a flat tire

Other factors that need routine checkups are the tires’ tread, size, rotation, pressure and balance. Unless during emergencies, NHTSA also warns drivers not to rely on their spare to replace worn-out tires due to potentially hazardous tire pressure.

Maintaining tire performance must be a priority

Even resilient tools, such as tires, can wear out due to aging, repeated blows and other reckless driving behaviors. Thus, owners must stay on top of monitoring tire performance over time. But suppose tire failure is a result of defective design. In that case, victims may hold manufacturers liable for injuries and deaths. Legal representation proves invaluable in these complex situations, especially for collisions with drivers working for truck companies.