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What should you do if you slip and fall in a supermarket?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Premises liability

Anyone can slip and fall in a Texas supermarket, and you don’t need to be severely injured to file a lawsuit. You don’t even have to be purchasing something or even inside the building.


You may fall on a wet floor in a grocery aisle or trip in a pothole in the parking lot. You might be able to right yourself without help, or you could have broken a leg. Whichever type of scenario best fits your situation, winning a lawsuit against the business is possible if any of the following guidelines apply.

Grounds for a lawsuit

Premises liability law requires businesses to keep their buildings and grounds safe for visitors. Wet floors and potholes are obvious hazards and likely provide sufficient grounds for a lawsuit. But there are more subtle dangers that you might overlook.

Perhaps a child grabbed a banana and let the peel fall to the floor. Employees ignore it as they pass by until you slip and fall. Maybe a shelf tips over on you as you reach for a can of soup, or you may trip because your cart has a mechanical failure.


Ensure that you report the incident to the store’s manager. Request contact information from witnesses and see a doctor if you are experiencing pain immediately or in the following few days. Sometimes, the shock of a fall delays the onset of pain. Keep a record of all your medical expenses and test results. If you are unsatisfied with the insurance company’s offer, consider filing a lawsuit for adequate compensation.