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What evidence should you gather for a truck accident lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Truck accidents

With over 3,200 miles of interstate roads (more than any other state), plenty of commercial trucks transport goods around Texas. Due to no fault of their own, some drivers are involved in collisions with commercial vehicles. After such a devastating event, knowing what evidence you should gather is essential.

Taking photographic evidence

Taking pictures of your accident can be highly beneficial. First, grab your smartphone and start snapping photos of your vehicle and the truck involved in your accident. It’s also wise to take pictures of the truck’s skid marks, which can help determine when the truck driver applied their brakes.

Having the police write an accident report

Another essential step after trucking accidents is for someone to contact the police. Once the police arrive, they can begin writing an official accident report. This report can be crucial, especially if it suggests the truck driver is at fault. The police will also gather statements from other witnesses if any were present during your accident.

Checking electronic logs

Unlike passenger vehicles, trucking companies must follow federal laws requiring these businesses to keep electronic logs. These logs record a trucker’s total drive and break times. However, for a range of reasons, truckers or trucking companies sometimes violate these laws through overworking. If an hours of service violation occurred, evidence gathered from electronic logs could be extremely useful.

The damage caused by trucking accidents is often severe, leaving almost any passenger vehicle’s driver shaken up. But, if you can do so, gathering evidence after an accident is crucial. Gathering evidence gives you the highest likelihood of finding something beneficial to your claim.