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Common causes of motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Car accidents

The causes of motorcycle accidents in Texas and elsewhere are often the same as the causes of car accidents, but the harm to a motorcyclist could be worse. Side-swiping a car may result in substantial dents and no physical injury to the occupants. Side-swiping a motorcycle could result in a spinout and a motorcyclist suffering severe road burns.

Common motorcycle crashes

One or multiple parties could be at fault for a motorcycle collision, and moving violations play a typical role in the incidents. Speeding lists as a frequent violation that results in motor vehicle accidents. If a motorcyclist travels too fast, losing control of the bike may result. Sometimes, the motorcyclist cannot see objects on the road, and the high speed keeps them from avoiding them. Making a turn at excessive speeds might also result in a crash.

Lane-splitting is another behavior common among impatient motorcyclists. While many motorcyclists may think their bike’s sleeker size makes splitting lanes workable, accidents may result if hit or caught between two vehicles. Ultimately, motorcyclists need to put safety first.

Motorcyclist victims

Persons driving cars might not realize they could put motorcyclists at risk without realizing it. A motorcycle could be in a blind spot, and accidents may happen when a vehicle changes lanes or makes a left turn at an intersection.

Intoxicated drivers put everyone on the road in danger. A drunk driver could crash into a motorcycle at high speed, causing life-threatening injuries. Reckless drivers who cause DUI-related motorcycle accidents might face claims for punitive damages in court.

Motorcycle accidents happen for numerous reasons. When fault plays a role in the crash, the victims may sue for compensation and damages.