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Our skillful Kaufman County attorneys demonstrate the liability of negligent parties.

An accident that results in serious injury can upend your life in a second. When victims are left with medical bills, lost income and other unplanned expenses, the attorneys of Vice Henley and Dilbeck, PLLC, in Forney, Texas, provide experienced legal representation. Since 2006, our firm has helped clients hold negligent people accountable for the physical, emotional and financial pain they inflict. We deliver persistent advocacy and reliable guidance for individuals hurt in car crashes, property accidents and other incidents.

Accident Lawyers Skilled At Proving Defendants Breached Their Duty Of Care

Under Texas law, an accident victim can file a personal injury lawsuit to seek damages from the person or entity whose negligence was the principal cause. Our law firm skillfully handles a wide range of legal actions, including:

  • Automobile injuries — There is always a danger of getting into a collision with a car or truck on U.S. Highway 80, Interstate 20 and the other roads that pass through Kaufman County. We can conduct a thorough investigation to determine if another driver was engaged in careless conduct at the time of the accident.
  • Slip and fall accidents — Texas commercial and residential property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises free of hazards like slippery surfaces, holes in walkways and loose railings. Failure to remedy dangerous conditions or to warn visitors about them can be grounds of liability.
  • Product liability — A company that creates, markets or sells a product that poses dangers in the course of its normal, expected use may be held accountable for resulting injuries. Product liability cases often involve suing multiple parties in the chain of the product’s distribution.

Texas law follows the modified comparative negligence rule, which means you can recover damages if your own negligence was not more than 50 percent the cause of the accident. However, your damages will be reduced by your percentage of fault. We use our experience and in-depth legal knowledge to make the strongest case for apportioning fault so as to maximize your recovery.

Our Strategic Litigators Negotiate Settlements And Seek Damages In Court

A successful personal injury case requires not only proving that another person is at-fault but also presenting an accurate calculation of the full financial value of your injuries. Our legal team performs extensive investigative work to build strong evidence-based claims for damages. We are determined and persuasive in negotiations with insurance companies and their counsel, obtaining fair and adequate settlements whenever possible. But we will not hesitate to go to trial if necessary to achieve a just outcome in your case.

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