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Seasoned Texas Lawyers Advise Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Crisis

Respected Royse City firm helps businesses protect interests during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses in Texas to make difficult sacrifices and find creative solutions to weather a major economic downturn. At Vice & Henley, PLLC in Royse City, our attorneys are committed to helping Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex business owners make the most of the resources available to them and to avoid devastating disruptions. Whether you have concerns about your long-term business interests or need an immediate solution in regard to legal compliance, hiring and layoffs, financial solvency or other matters, we can offer sound guidance.

Skilled legal advisors address business interruptions caused by coronavirus

The pandemic’s impact on the economy has left many business owners facing unprecedented downturns, with little hope for recovery on the horizon. We help them explore ways to get their businesses back on track, addressing disputes and challenges related to:

  • Insurance — Carriers have been quick to deny claims filed under business interruption insurance policies for losses resulting from the pandemic. We will review the terms of your policy and advise you on possible grounds for successful claims. We can also direct you toward policies that provide coverage better suited to your business needs.
  • Employee relations — In order to stay afloat, businesses across Texas have had to make difficult decisions about layoffs, hiring and benefits. Our attorneys can help you develop an operations strategy that considers the wellbeing of employees and customers while protecting the health of your business.
  • Contractual obligations — Due to the hardships wrought by the pandemic, it may be impossible for one or both parties to fulfill a services agreement, a sales transaction, a lease or some other contractual obligation. Our legal team prepares defenses to breach of contract claims and works toward dispute resolutions that leave both parties able to continue their business relationship.

No matter how the fallout and recovery from the pandemic progresses, our firm is committed to providing continual support for local businesses encountering economic hurdles.

Caring attorneys advise on debt relief

If you are struggling to pay taxes or other debts, we can review the details of your business situation and discuss options for restructuring and/or seeking government assistance. Paying sales tax or property taxes has become difficult for businesses of all kinds. In response to the financial strain, Texas offers short-term payment agreement options for the fulfillment of sales tax obligations. However, the Texas Attorney General has stated that there is likely no property tax exemption for businesses harmed by COVID-19.

In some cases, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy or Subchapter V for small businesses may be an advisable way to keep your business solvent.

Contact responsive Royse City business law attorneys for COVID-19 legal guidance

Businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex rely on the attorneys of Vice & Henley, PLLC in Royse City, Texas for trustworthy legal assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 469-402-0450 or contact us online.