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Accomplished Forney Wrongful Death Attorneys Seek Compensation For Avoidable Fatalities

Our compassionate Texas lawyers represent survivors of deceased accident victims.

Forney, known as the Antique Capital of Texas, is a modern suburban community in all other respects. It is located on U.S. Route 80 in Kaufman County, where there are scores of accidents, some of them fatal. Since 2006, Vice Henley and Dilbeck, PLLC, with an office in neighboring Rockwall County, has helped recover compensation for families who have lost loved ones due to the negligent or deliberate action of others. If you’ve encountered such a tragedy, we stand ready to assist you.

What Is A Wrongful Death Claim?

If one of your relatives dies as the result of another person’s wrongful act, whether accidental or deliberate, you may have a wrongful death claim. Examples are fatalities caused by automobile accidents, medical malpractice and dangerous conditions on land or in buildings.

Who May File A Wrongful Death Suit?

A wrongful death suit is brought on behalf of both the decedent and surviving family members. It may be filed by the decedent’s personal representative, such as an executor or trustee. Or it may be filed by the decedent’s surviving spouse, minor or adult children or parents, alone or in combination. The lawsuit generally must be filed within two years of the wrongful death. We can help you determine if there is a timely, valid claim and, if so, who is authorized to bring it.

What Damages Can Be Recovered In A Wrongful Death Case?

A wrongful death claim may allow you to receive compensation for your loss of:

  • The decedent’s care, maintenance, services, support, advice and counsel
  • The inheritance you would have received but for the death
  • The decedent’s love, companionship, comfort and society

You can also recover damages for your mental anguish, namely emotional pain and suffering over the death.

You may also be able to recover exemplary damages (also known as punitive damages) if the death was the result of willful action or gross negligence.

A separate cause of action, known as a survival claim, may recover compensation for funeral and burial costs and for the decedent’s medical expenses and pain and suffering prior to death.

The amount of damages and how they are apportioned among the plaintiffs is decided by a jury and/or a judge. We work hard to build cases to achieve the maximum damages available to our clients.

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