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Determined Texas Litigators Pursue Damages After Trucking Accidents

Accomplished Rockwall law firm represents motorists hurt in truck crashes

Trucks, tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles are involved in thousands of automobile accidents in Texas every year, causing severe injuries and sometimes fatalities. The attorneys at Vice & Henley, PLLC in Rockwall, Texas help victims of trucking accidents seek money damages for the physical, emotional and financial impact of a crash. If you were hurt or lost a loved one in a collision on Interstate 30, Texas State Highway 205 or another road in North Texas, our firm can provide the legal support you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Experienced attorneys deal with all forms of trucking negligence

Due to their size and weight, commercial motor vehicles can do far more damage than passenger vehicles when a collision occurs. Accidents can result from several types of unsafe behavior, such as:

  • Distracted driving — Use of a cell phone, radio or other entertainment device can take a trucker’s attention away from the road and send the truck barreling into other vehicles or obstructions.
  • Fatigued driving — Truck driver fatigue is always a risk as truckers can legally stay on the road for 12 consecutive hours. A drowsy driver may make a critical mistake that results in tragedy.
  • Reckless driving — A truck that speeds, tailgates or makes unsafe lane changes might make an accident unavoidable for nearby drivers.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance — A truck driver or trucking company that forgoes regular maintenance or makes shoddy repairs may leave a vehicle in a condition that threatens the safety of others.
  • Drug or alcohol use — A truck driver may ingest illicit substances to stay awake or may drive after consuming an excessive amount of alcohol. A truck can become a deadly weapon in the hands of an impaired driver.

It is not only a truck driver who can be held liable for failure to exercise reasonable care. Our lawyers work to obtain evidence that the fault of a trucking company, a merchandise shipper, a maintenance provider, a parts manufacturer or another party contributed to causing your accident.

Committed lawyers seek just compensation in negotiations and at trial

Our legal team is dedicated to helping accident victims recoup their economic and non-economic losses. The financial cost of a trucking accident can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills, property damage and lost income, not to mention the pain and suffering a victim endures. We will focus on getting you the compensation to which you are entitled under Texas law. We provide strategic guidance during settlement negotiations and will aggressively assert your rights in court if a trial proves to be the best alternative.

Contact respected Rockwall trucking accident attorneys to schedule your free consultation

The skillful lawyers of Vice & Henley, PLLC in Rockwall, Texas represent injured victims of North Texas trucking accidents. To schedule a free initial consultation with our office, call 800-531-6803 or contact us online