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Seasoned Texas Attorneys Represent Clients Hurt In Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Our dedicated Kaufman County attorneys pursue compensation for injured clients.

Falls are a leading cause of injury in Texas and are particularly prevalent among older adults. When a slip-and-fall accident results from a hazardous condition on someone else’s property, the lawyers of Vice Henley and Dilbeck, PLLC, in Forney step in to aid injured clients. Practicing in North Texas since 2006, our firm works to hold property owners liable for injuries resulting from their negligence. As your attorneys, we will advocate for your right to obtain the compensation needed to cover your medical bills, lost income and other accident-related expenses.

Skilled Lawyers Litigate When Property Owners Fail To Uphold Their Duty Of Care

Texas property owners who do not take proper precautions to make their property safe or to warn lawful visitors about potential hazards may be ordered to pay the costs sustained in a slip-and-fall accident.

Among the unsafe conditions that may be attributed to a property owner’s negligence are:

  • Wet floors — Caution signs or other clear warnings should be in place to make guests aware of slipping hazards.
  • Uneven floors or grounds — Loose floorboards, crumbling sidewalks and potholes can create tripping hazards for guests.
  • Unsafe stairs — A person may sustain serious injuries from a fall on stairs that are worn, uneven or covered by loose carpet.
  • Loose handrails — For many people, handrails on stairways are essential for balance and stability. A handrail that is not properly secured may not be able to bear the weight it normally would be expected to support.

Our firm has extensive experience handling premises liability lawsuits in the Dallas area. Every case we accept receives our commitment to seeking the best possible outcome.

Focused Advocates Assert Rights Of Injury Victims While Seeking Settlements

Traumatic brain injuries and hip fractures are two of the most common and most serious types of injuries suffered in falls. Broken bones, major bruising, muscle and ligament damage may also occur.

The costs of treating a fall injury can include bills for emergency department services, surgery, physical therapy and counseling. Many slip-and-fall victims need to take time off work or away from their regular life activities while they recover. Our goal is to help you obtain a monetary settlement that enables you to obtain the care you need and to make up for losses in income. We will use assertive advocacy and strategic negotiation while pursuing a settlement appropriate for your case. If the property owner refuses to agree to an adequate amount of compensation, we will fight for your rights in court.

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