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Accomplished Texas Construction Litigators Handle Disputes Between Owners and Contractors

Experienced trial lawyers handle all phases of your legal matter

Vice & Henley, PLLC in Rockwall County, Texas handles construction litigation matters for homeowners and contractors in the area, including mechanic’s liens and materialman’s liens claims, breach of contract disputes, construction defect cases and more. We will draw on more than a decade of experience to negotiate and litigate from a position of strength to save you time and money and protect your residential or commercial investment.  

Astute counselors represent clients in mechanic’s liens and materialman’s liens cases

Mechanic’s liens and materialman’s liens offer security for individuals or businesses who provide materials or labor for work completed on real property. Both suppliers and contractors can file mechanic’s liens to obtain payment from property owners for work done according to construction contracts. Depending on the circumstances, property owners must satisfy the lien within a certain time period or be subject to penalties under Texas lien statutes. Our seasoned litigators regularly assist materialmen, suppliers and contractors who are facing payment disputes, collections issues, breach of contract and other lien-related issues. We can navigate the complexities of your matter and build a powerful case to present at negotiations or in court.

Knowledgeable attorneys handle construction defect and subcontractor performance claims

Our firm represents property owners asserting defect claims for faulty construction work. Construction defects not only compromise the structural integrity of a property, but can also pose danger for any inhabitants or people on the property.

Contractors and subcontractors are obligated to perform their duties with reasonable skill and care. If a subcontractor’s error has caused considerable harm to your home or other real property, we can investigate the matter and help you assert a claim against the responsible party or parties involved. You may be eligible to recover the costs of repairs, compensation for temporary relocation or housing, expenses for loss of use and other damages.

Examples of construction defect matters we handle include:

  • HVAC, insulation and plumbing breakdowns
  • Collapsing, sinking or leaning buildings or foundations
  • Leaking roofs, windows or doors
  • Drainage and runoff issues
  • Erosion and soil settling
  • Security and electrical hazards

Our firm represents plaintiffs before jury panels, judges, and arbitrators. Our attorneys understand the complex issues that parties to construction litigation are up against and have the background needed to safeguard your fundamental interests.

Contact seasoned Texas construction litigators to schedule your free consultation

The legal team at Vice & Henley, PLLC in Rockwall County, Texas handles construction litigation for people and businesses in the surrounding area. Call our firm at 469-402-0450 or contact us online for your free case consultation.