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Meticulous Texas Attorneys Prepare and Review Business Contracts

Attentive Royse City lawyers help clients to create enforceable agreements

Business owners in Rockwall County and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex rely on the attorneys of Vice & Henley, PLLC for guidance in the drafting, negotiation and review of business contracts. Located in Royse City, Texas, we help our clients forge agreements that safeguard their business interests and avoid potential liability. Whether you are bringing a product to market, partnering with another company, leasing property, licensing rights or establishing working agreements for your business operations, our lawyers are prepared to assist you.

Trusted Rockwall County firm drafts operational and employment agreements

Our lawyers are adept and well versed in all types of business contracts, including:

  • Employment contracts and consulting agreements — Whether you’re bringing on a high-level or specialized employee or hiring an independent contractor, a well-crafted agreement sets terms for the services and payment that will be provided and also defines the circumstances and procedures for termination of the relationship.
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements — If company ownership is shared between two or more parties, a comprehensive agreement should articulate each party’s rights and responsibilities during the course of business and upon any organizational change.
  • Vendor and supplier contracts — An efficient contract for provision of goods or services specifies not only the terms of payment and delivery but also the expected quality of the product and the remedies for defaults.
  • Licensing and leasing agreements — Others may wish to borrow the rights to physical or intellectual property owned by your business, or you may benefit from licensing or leasing the property of others. In either case, an ironclad contract can protect your interests while helping promote a profitable venture.
  • Nondisclosure and noncompetition — In an economy where knowledge is power, it is prudent and often essential to bind employees to agreements that protect the company’s proprietary rights. A nondisclosure agreement prohibits revealing privileged information while a noncompete agreement prevents a key employee from joining a competitive business within a specified vicinity and time frame.

Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting, negotiating and reviewing business contracts of all kinds with the focus on helping our clients achieve diverse business goals.

Experienced counselors structure contracts to protect business interests

We review contracts to make sure they include the elements that make them strong and enforceable, such as:

  • Documentation of the agreement between all parties
  • Clear and specific terms and details
  • Effective methods for dispute resolution
  • Circumstances in which the contract can be terminated
  • Applicable law and jurisdiction for litigation

Our skilled advice enables our clients to avoid the common pitfalls made by business owners who write their own contracts.

Contact reputable Rockwall County business contracts attorneys for a free consultation

At Vice & Henley, PLLC in Royse City, Texas our lawyers draft, amend and review business contracts to fit the needs and goals of clients in Rockwall County and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 469-402-0450 or contact us online.