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Actions after truck crashes

On Behalf of | May 19, 2023 | Truck accidents

Truck accidents can happen with little warning on Texas roads. An investigation may point to the truck, driver, another vehicle or several parties as being responsible for the collision. Sometimes, the impact could be severe, leading to severe property damage or bodily harm. How a truck driver and others react after the collision may prevent further injury.

Steps after a truck crash

A 911 call would be a critical first step since police and medical first responders could assist those injured. The police may restore calm when upset drivers and passengers are upset. Truck drivers could move their vehicles off the road if they can do so safely. Turning on flashers and hazard lights and utilizing reflective triangles may alert other drivers about the accident.

Legal concerns often arise after a truck accident, and the parties involved will exchange insurance and personal identification information. Insurance liability coverage addresses negligence, and the insurance company requires evidence when processing a claim. Similarly, presenting evidence in court is essential when litigating a lawsuit.

Taking photographs of the accident scene could provide evidence about the damage inflicted on the vehicle and possible causes. A car traveling below the speed limit may hit with far less impact than one traveling far over the speed limit. Photographs may suggest a driver was speeding or committed another moving violation. Live dashcam footage may provide more evidence.

Litigation and truck accidents

After collecting other evidence, such as witness statements, the victims of trucking accidents may initiate a compensation claim. Injured persons could seek to recover medical expenses, lost income and other financial losses. Some may seek punitive damages when the driver’s behavior is highly reckless.

Victims may file negligence claims against other liable parties, such as the truck driver’s employer. And yes, truck drivers could sue others if they are the victims of negligent harm.