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Car crashes and broken necks

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Car accidents

A broken neck is one of the more severe injuries someone might suffer in a car crash. Persons suffering such injuries in a Texas collision will have to realize that they must undergo extensive treatments to support recovery. A full recovery could take a long time, and the damage could severely impact their quality of life.

Broken neck treatments

Some might experience substantial pain when suffering a broken neck, but not everyone does. Complexities surrounding broken neck injuries explain why victims may benefit from a medical examination after a car accident. Someone might suffer a broken neck and not realize it. Anyone going about their daily business with an untreated broken neck may risk permanent paralysis.

A thorough medical examination might uncover the injury’s extent, leading to decisions about how to treat the condition. Surgical braces and halo traction vests could keep the bones in place, supporting the healing process. Be aware that traction-related treatments might not be suitable for everyone.

Surgery may be the remaining option when traction or braces prove insufficient. Surgery typically involves physical therapy and rehab afterward, and the recovery may require many months of careful waiting.

Costs and compensation

As noted above, treating a broken neck might require invasive steps and much suffering. The rest needed to heal a fractured neck could tremendously harm someone’s financial situation. So, victims of car accidents may file a lawsuit to recover their losses.

An auto liability claim may lead to a substantial settlement, but those suffering from a broken neck may sue above the policy limits. If the negligent party has sufficient assets, the strategy might prove worthwhile.